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I&S Review - August

AuthorI&S Review - August
Following the interview in May, a group of players have been reviewing the I&S section on the Russian server and making suggestions to the admins about which ideas should be implemented. The Admins agreed to respond to each idea and to implement them if they think it is feasible.

This topic is to keep you updated on those ideas and are based off articles presented in HWM Daily - http://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/Best_ideas_08_17

The ideas:

1) It should be possible for players to leave Group Battles when there is 5 minutes to go. It should be possible for players to leave Clan Challenges (Survilurg) etc. before the battle starts.

Admin Response: No response yet on whether they will implement it.

2) Visually highlight cells when a creature ability affects more than 1 square when attacking.

This is intended to show all abilities such as Whirlwind, Polycephaly, Dragon Breath etc.

This idea has already been partially implemented!

3) Simplify the Faction selection interface. This is to make it fewer clicks when choosing a new class. It is recommended to display a dropdown faction/classes selection menu on the character page next to stats. It is also recommended to have a dropdown menu like the talents one - That can be toggled off and on in your settings.

Admin Response: No response yet on whether they will implement it.

4) Display minor stats on the Character page next to the Attack, Defense, Luck etc. Examples: Magic proof, ranged proof, melee bonus etc. It would be great if this could show talent bonuses too.

Admin Response: No response yet on whether they will implement it.

5) Display changes on ATB when casting spells and abilities. E.g. Rapid, Delay. Also have the ability to scroll the ATB with a wheel without having to use the arrow button to move along.

This idea has already been partially implemented!
It is worth mentioning that 4 of the 5 ideas from July were implemented in the game. If you missed those, they are:

1) Display when a facility has no resources but has gold. Now displays with a red set of arrows.

2) Return all Broken rented arts to the art shop in one click. You can now do this from the Renting tab in your inventory.

3) Big Auto Battle button in the Mobile Version.

4) Make skill potion work in all situations and battles. This now works: See this thread for more information. https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2582742


Link to July's Review: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2578543


Again these changes are small things to make life easier. The Rapid and Delay ATB shift is probably the biggest thing to be implemented. I have always wanted a minor stats display before going into combat, so I hope they are able to realise that idea!

Not a lot of response from the admins this month. Seems like they were busy, so they just implemented a couple of ideas without verbally responding to the group.
Thanks for the update Corey!
It really good to see these quality of life fixes, makes the game much more enjoyable.
i agree 5 fixes a month is already incredibly awesome
or at least 5 valid attempts to get things fixed
Does anyone else find the projected damage when number 2 is shown inconvenient? I mean say my sprite does 1k dmg, and it is hitting two enemies, when I hover over the enemy it'll show 1k, and the total number of kills instead of the particular stack I'm targeting. This might in some cases mislead you into overestimating your dmg.
Does anyone else find the projected damage when number 2 is shown inconvenient?

Only with every battle I do with efk / sprites
It is similar with sphinx immortals, I often want to know which enemy to target so that I kill them and avoid retal, or at least do the least return damage. With the combined totals this is less clear cut and you are back to estimation. No big thing, but a little annoying.

try targeting an area where only one of the stacks is in range.
then make a substraction.
Repeat for all the seizeable stacks ;)
Yeah I do that now. Still it's kinda inconvenient imo. Plus there are times when you can hit from only one particular square so you can't check.
for Lord MilesTeg:
Not to mention that the tooltip is buggy, when you can hit two stacks, the displayed damage can differ depending on which stack you attack. It's helpful to know which stacks are going to be attacked but yeah, summing up the damage is more inconvenient than helpful.
I'm waiting for them to implement the battles for Survilurgs to start as soon as a Team is filled.

It's irritating to watch All Teams filled within the first 30 seconds and then wait for 14 minutes for no reason.
yeah i totally agree with u AKA ^^
2nd post 13, much needed AKA!
I've made a weird discovery when i attack with efk's and press Control and point at target it shows the amount of damage I'm going to do to the target, Hope it helps :)
for Naturef:

This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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