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The topic about international translation

AuthorThe topic about international translation
Hi everybody! My name is Sergey, and I'm from Ukraine. My speciality is a "translator", so I created this theme in order to find similar people to speak about everything for improving languages skill. I know Ukrainian and Russian to, so write me privately!
So you can translate all the announcements for us? :D
Ha, if it's necessary... :)
But why do you ask if you know all the announcements in English? :)
We don't always get the announcements here.
for Calamity:
You want to say that there aren't posts about game changes in English?
You can log in Russian version and read in Russian if you know it:)
We don't get a lot of the posts here (like recent rebalance)

Kind players will put the post into Google translate then paste into our forums. :)
for Meshy:
Google translation is bad. It has not have grammatical rules. So the best situation is if someone personally translate it:)
So you can translate all the announcements for us? :D
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