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HWM Radio Player

AuthorHWM Radio Player
(Dont know whether to put this here, or in Q&H Forum.
... But since I think its relevant stuff, I'll put it here...)
http://radio.heroeswm.ru/player.html The HWM Radio Player
http://radio.heroeswm.ru/ List of Programs of the HWM Radio

... So, while bored I was reading stuff in the Russian Forum (In the "HWM" part of the game), then found a weird icon at the right-upper corner of the screen, and clicked it, and found that.

Apparently the Russian part of the game has its own Radio Channel ....... What???!!!!
Apparently they play Rock (I think) type music there, but sometimes they talk with Admins, and talk about different issues I think (Google Translate isnt helping me much to find out what it is about, TBH...)

... This would mean the ".Commers" have access to a really really small part of the whole Content/Information/Stuff of the game overall, and its really sad to find out that.

I think you can also enter with the ID of your Character, and Like or Dislike the Songs (So that they decide what to put, I guess - Feedback), and maybe participate indirectly, or I honestly dont know (Google Translate fails a little as I mentioned), but more or less that.

To realize how well organized the Russian part of the game is... Saddens me.
... But they are way way more, so its normal (PS, Off Topic: We arent getting any HWM Daily for months/weeks Btw, sad aswell).
But I honestly didnt know they had their OWN Radio Channel (Maybe its not a HWM Radio Channel and Im freaking out for nothing... Who knows, could be).

I suppose to run a Radio you need several people, no? How does it work?
They hired people for that? Did anyone know about this?
Maybe there are Volunteers that get paid in-game Gold?
I've been playing the game for so long, and found out now, TBH.
And havent seen anybody talk about it in Flooders Tenthouse, or havent heard any in-game Friend mention the Radio existing at all.
Anyone has further information?

And Sorry for the "Freaking out", Btw, but it surprised me so much.
Maybe Im the only one who didnt know about it, IDK. Or maybe its not that much of an issue after all.
Yes they get paid.

I'm more surprised you've been around for so long and didn't know tbh.


WOW i didn't knew about it either
It's pretty cool ^.^
Well looking at number of active players in .com, its pointless to have radio here anyways.
The community set up the radio themselves, put all the hard work in and the admins incorporated it into the game for the Russian players.

There have been interviews with a couple of English speaking players on the Radio (For example, Lady Laitha). The radio (specifically Miriy) works with the ICC every year to bring the Christmas Candy quiz to Lordswm as well.

sometimes they talk with Admins,

Yes, they try to organise interviews with the admins.
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