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[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML 5

Author[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML 5

The final version is planned to be released not earlier than the end of spring 2018.

Today is not done or does not work:
No magic book
No chat
No blood count
is taken into account Rage of blood is not possible No use for runes
Incorrectly (not for the desired purpose) animations of creatures shots and Heroes beats are
displayed No animation of special abilities and magic is displayed Animated fire and magic are
not displayed Fire wall, mines and traps
Do not show doors in ST
The bonuses on the ST arena are
not displayed correctly Animations for the number of dead creatures are not displayed Animations
for mobile devices with 512 MB of memory are
not optimized Creature shadows are not optimized (shadow is disabled for mobile devices to improve performance)
There is no complete and concise information about creatures
No creature separation button
There is no possibility of hitting with "squeezed SHIFT"
This is not the last version of the interface
And other features are missing or working with an error.

So that you can actually see the trial ;)
can we login by html version?
You can try it yourself by putting &html5=1 at the end of your battle. I played it for half a battle until it froze on me haha - Couldn't make any ranged attacks though which was a pain.
so for now only battles "available" by html?
I hope they can make it better..
Just tried battle in mobile from non-flash browser.. working good.
Fast battles, nice update to play from mobile.
Yeah, I don't quite like the look of it, but I'm more than willing to overlook that if the battles become fully functional in half a years time or something. :D
I also tried one battle :P


It gives HOMM feeling :O
Crashes when an incorporeal unit is attacked and miss happens.
Interesting how the battle field is much larger, I like the larger view. Only problem is how the chat will work then, sometimes scrolling up to see what a creature/hero did is important. I hope that the little bit of text can be clicked to expand it or something. Right now it can be expanded only a little by hovering.
for randomr1:
You can click on it to open it in a pop-up window at the moment.
for Corey:
Thanks! Lol funny that it's exactly what I was hoping for but didn't even notice.
Tried a hunt on my phone, worked really well.
Wish they had started with the enroll button.
Wish they had started with the enroll button.
well said)
I would have removed the slow puffin from my phone.
I would have removed the slow puffin from my phone.
Exactly I hate Puffin! IT's so irritating at times!
Nice!! It´s good I like the bigger screen, more closer to game :) I hope they will make it well working :)
I'm hoping enrolling is next on their list.. I've started using the .ru instead of .com on my puffin because it loads up quicker.
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