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Christmas Candy Bonanza


AuthorChristmas Candy Bonanza
Wolf Riders, Mino soldiers , orc tyrants
mino soldiers,wolfriders,orc tyrants
for Knight Walker:
cannot take part in next session now that i have won 2 candies?

2 candy limit per person. :)

You may take part but you won't win any candy
christmas turkayy!
16)Q: Which animal should we expect to help us fight the Evil Chicken 2017 in the New year?
Evil dog
for Nowar:
The dog wont be evil lol
OK, maybe not so evil, only dog :D
That's right,a dog,but not evil at all!
Thus 2nd candy for RR.
for Nowar:
all dogs are evil for us cat fans!
Let's test your memory!

17)Q: Which creatures from the portal of time have the ferocious wound ability?
ichyths guard
shark guard
Ichthys Fighter
Ichthys Fighter and Ichthys Guard
I am impressed
A candy for Nowar!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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