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Christmas Candy Bonanza


AuthorChristmas Candy Bonanza
oh the timer things started -.- should had posted other 2 creatures along with it
Last question for the first session!

20)Q: Name one creature with the ‘Demoralising Presence’ ability.
mirage dragon
warlords, nightmares
ahh.. timer
Shadow dragon :D
shadow dragons
shadow dragon
for Bheem:
that is intimidation aura :)
Bheem gets the last candy of this session.
It's Shadow Dragons indeed.
I am posting some funny answers just for entertaining..
any other creature left there with the ability?
Thank you all for participating and don't forget the second session,which among with others includes Ri-ri-riiidlles! :P
for Bheem:
for Bheem:
you mean the ability like nightmares and warlords? Tribal cyclops/unfettered cyclops have it at spirit level 2.
was talking about Demoralising Presence, as the response from Mrbattle did not come that time.
The second session will start in 10 minutes.
21)Q: What magic schools are available to a Battlewise Wizard?
Only Chaos
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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