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Pots are getting expensive

AuthorPots are getting expensive
New event pls :)
When the Russians get their Christmas event, the prices should drop again as they will find them in their vaults.
Which pots are you talking about?
As in temporal items? (PoTs) Or some art which is like a pot?
He means that portal of time event is costly to play =_=
I mean regular pots we got from pirates and dungeons, ones that give 1 ap and +1 or 2 stat. Atk pot used to be 400, now its reaching tripple that
What u mean by pots (wonder)
for chikish:
Oh ok lol, never heard potion being abbreviated as pot, makes more sense now.
wait literally in every other game pot is short for potion
Pot means pot :P
Didn't know these potions have such demands.. I just discarded 10-15 potions yesterday to clear inventory space lol
Lmao xD
i still don't know what pot your talking about..
He is talking bout potions

Potion of knowledge and all , which we get from events which give +1 knowledge etc
makes me think, i thought that potions were compatible with new year's candies, but today i tried using one, and it just didn't work..
wierd, it worked for me
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