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Russian Courses

AuthorRussian Courses
Hello there,
Everyday i am facing unknown words in russian . People talk me to russian , i see russian names and of course , i do not understand even the letters.
So i am really willing to learn , even the basic about the russian language, not to talk in game ....just beacuse...Dont know just beacuse.
So , maybe anyone knows a site or a good youtube channel so i can learn russian?
Try duolingo
Yes, i recommend Duolingo. I use the app frequently myself and its a great way for learning everyday phrases and sentences.
well,as a russian/english understanding person i would suggest dumping all the apps,because most of what russians use in chat convos is a slang and wont translate in any way,lets take word arts for example,names of troops,different types of spells and talens
Find a nice speaking Russian friend and ask them. :D
To Meshy and Author. That's how I learned Russian. I couldn't understand a word in Russian until I went to University and met my room mate in dorm who came from Belarus and could barely speak my language. Two years later I was able to speak Russian without any problems. Of course still struggling with writing but after learning Russian alphabet which wasn't too difficult for maths student due to similarity to Greek alphabet I am able to read :)
So engaging with real Russian people would be one of the fastest way for new language. Good Luck ;)
I just feel that Russian is quite difficult.
I can understand some letters duo to my country's alphabet (Greek) but that's it.
I am trying to memorize some words and it looks like impossible.
Checked also duolingo but was not very pleased.
Veln which greek alphabets?

Like alpha beta types?
Veln which greek alphabets?

Like alpha beta types?

I dont quite understand what u say.
What i wanted to say is that some russian letters remind my country's letters

(Dont know if i answered your qurstion)
Well some Russian letters are similar to Latin letter and some are similar to Greek capital letters. I can't type Russian in here cause .com forum doesn't allow Russian letters here.
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but I can not learn English on the contrary)
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