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[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML5 v2


Author[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML5 v2
The work on HTML 5 battles is continuing. This is the second test version of the battle, in which the functions are limited and there are many flaws in comparison with the Flash version.
But already there is the opportunity to choose the placement, make basic moves and auto-fight (if available). If the Flash player is not found in the browser, you will be asked to use the HTML5 version. An alternative way is to add &html5=1 to the address bar, for example, https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=871526376&html5=1 (for warlog.php does not work).

In this version, we implemented:
Magic book (but will be further developed)
Counting the tribal spirit
Optimized images for devices with a small amount of RAM
Many bugs fixed

Pay attention, this combat mode is under development, there are many shortcomings and errors in it at the moment. Final version is planned to be released no sooner then the end of spring 2018.
If the error is not in the list below, then report it, please.

Recommended Chrome browser.

It is not done or does not work now:
No sounds
No Chat
No possibility to use runes
Incorrectly (not for the desired purpose) displays animation shots of creatures and hero attack
Animation for special abilities and magic is not displayed
Fiery wall, storm, mines and traps are not displayed
Do not show doors in Survival Tournament
The bonuses on the Survival Tournament`s arena are not correctly displayed
The animation of the numbers of creatures killed is not displayed
Not optimized shadows of creatures (to improve performance, shadows are disabled for mobile devices)
There is no complete and concise information about the creatures
No creature separation button
There is no possibility of hitting with "held SHIFT"
This is not the last version of the interface
And other features are missing or working with an error.

We will publish updated versions of HTML5-battles, as we progress
Good to see the recent drive for translators is already producing results, good job guys :)
Well done guys :) And congratz to the new translators :)
Thanks to the new translators :)
Thanks for the effort, friendly.
Nice progress. Thank you for keeping us posted!
Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.
Thanks for keeping us up to date :)
Nice i can play from work now :D
Nice work! :D
Thanks for the tranlsation, keep it up!!
We really appreciate the translation(s). Thank you. :)
thank you for the translation :)
Seems nice =)
some time I play on the mobile and I hope in the future the game will be faster on phone.nice translation and tks
Thanks nipnip, Beliar, Meshy, and everyone who helped :)
Thanks for helping us guys!
I like it! Thanks a lot. :)
Thanks for the effort and time.
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