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[Event] Great Experiment


Author[Event] Great Experiment
Endless battles and festivities - life in these lands never gets bored. And while many of the inhabitants of the Empire try to take from her everything and even more - some of her subjects consciously sacrifice the joy of simple mundane things for the sake of something more. Sometimes their goals seem strange and absurd. Some of them even frighten. But if the plan is successful, no one will be left behind, for the whole world will undergo changes. Will this happen this time? Only the experiment will show ...

Heroes, counselor Belir with the full support of the court magician Abu Bekr announces the beginning of the second stage of the Great Experiment. Honored sorcerers urge everyone and everyone who meets the minimum requirements to join the number of volunteers and make their contribution to the future of the science of the Empire!
Everyone who took part in the experiment will be generously rewarded!

Experiment conditions : Experiment
1) All Heroes from the 5th combat level in the artifacts from the store are allowed to participate. Modifiers do not work;
2) The selected skills, abilities and abilities of the factions do not work, and in battle you can not take your army and use learned spells;
3) In combat, you can recruit creatures only for crystals of time, the required number of which will be issued by the court magician every day and will be the same for everyone. The cost of creatures in crystals will change every two hours ;
4) Beings in the army can belong to one faction, as well as to different factions. At the same time, their availability is determined by the presence of corresponding improvements over time crystals;
5) When recruiting creatures from different factions, the fighting spirit is reduced, but the "Hall of Unity" building avoids this penalty;
6) The fights will take place in the format 1 to 1 , where as a rival will be a magical copy of the army of another Hero of the same fighting level, conducting his fight in the same period of time;
7) In the standings there will be points of victories not only of the Hero himself, but also of his magical copy defeating other Heroes. In this case, the victories of the copies bring in five times less points than the victories of the Hero himself;
8) For victories you can get artifacts of creatures and artifacts from a store with reduced strength, and at the end of the experiment - also gold from the treasury of the Empire;
9) You can participate in the experiment no more than 12 times a day; unused attempts are carried forward the next day;
10) The experiment will be conducted for 7 days until February 6 inclusive (+2 days for the end of battles and the formation of the report, until February 8 inclusive);

Moreover, for a certain number of victories special elixirs will be awarded :

<elixirs here>

The effect of elixirs does not apply to battles in the experiment, tournaments, guild tactics, survival tournament and text quests. Elixirs need to be used until February 28, 2018.

And as part of a rare artifact :

For 10 wins: +1 part;
for 20 wins: +2 parts;
for 30 wins: +3 parts;
for 40 wins: +4 parts;
for 50 wins: +6 parts;
for 60 wins: +7 parts;
for 70 wins: +8 parts;

In the presence of 100 parts will be able to collect from them a full-fledged artifact. Note that you can collect the artifact only if you effectively hold two to three Imperial events. In the event "The Great Experiment" it will be possible to collect no more than 51 parts of the artifact, including rewarding. This artifact can not be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred for repair or for installing modifiers.

To battle!
starts at 8:00
Its too early for a new event.....
Yeah but since its part of a big event, thats why released so soon
i got rekt , used wardens and shrews :(

any advice??
Unable to recruit in Russian server.
T2 units... it's far too early. For first day it's usually more t9 do go with meat then anything
When we will get more crystals?
Sry,i didnt read the notice carefully.Ignore the above doubt?
T2 units... it's far too early. For first day it's usually more t9 do go with meat then anything
Don't think t2 units are worth; couldn't survive a hit from horde of hydras. Using that, I currently won all of my battles along with my AI.
what is guild tactics?
CG i think
Yes it's definitely CG
What do we get at end of event?
parts of amulet.
gold? and art?
This event heavily favours those willing to invest - since pvp greater advantage to those who put on better arts.

Often I can imagine this may bias builds with a lot of shooters and then flame dagger and cold blade for extra elemental damage. Still trying to see if I can farm it for cheaps......
last event like this I Invest arround 135K gold and get back 187k gold (reward+selling the mirror). Small profit, but it also come with nice fsp ratio and CG points.
Last time I made around 350k profit, i hope can do better this time :P
I hope to get the amulet by the end of this event.
Can someone be kind enough to tell me how to start this event?
what build?
what units to recruit?
what tiers to unlock?
if someone can be kind enough to send me a pm with this info....i will be grateful :)
looks like boring defensive hydra build with termagant distractors are likely to rule the day
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