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[News] 11th Anniversary


Author[News] 11th Anniversary
In addition to the English news - There are some others that appear to have been missed.

1. The number of WG missions has doubled for the duration of the event
2. Quick tournaments will be held every 2 hours
3. The probability of getting a rare artifacts in caskets is doubled
4. The maximum bet in roulette is increased 3 times for characters level 8 or higher.

Enjoy the event!!
3. it means if i open chest of abundance my chance to get rare art is doubled ?
for grif:
Its is so much to do now in game , i think to go get some red bulls and dont sleep for 3 days in row :D
Best event i have played so far! :D
Parts of imperial amulet? How many do we need to gather to complete the artifact?
for Vengeful Spirit:
100 :?
Memorial Art is nice one but repair cost is high
for MrBattleControl:
I hope not, hehe
for Vengeful Spirit:
I notice that every year we get same message except with the date changed. This year they forgot to do that too
for MrBattleControl:
Oh, thank you.
So these imperial amulet parts are extra to the three events..?
5. A free set of warrior or sorcerer shop artifacts for your level for up to 30 combats and 11 days for all lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above;

What does it mean by free?
for IComeInPeace:
for FredySky:
It is free,after you pick your gift,you will get the option to get your set.
This really is the best event so far
it's not written anywhere, but i got 6 wg quests now. Bug, or what?
1. The number of WG missions has doubled for the duration of the event

It's in ru announcement not in ours.

Corey added they ones missing.
How do we get the amulet?I have 100 parts.
Literally hunts and MGs every minute xD
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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