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[Military Clan] #1209 Any Key


Author[Military Clan] #1209 Any Key
Open set in the military clan Any Key. We need active, ready for war heroes of 16+ levels. The clan is adapted for English-speaking characters.
I want YOU for Any Key!
Now Any Key is the best clan of Empire. And we need fresh blood.
What makes it best clan in empire ?
it just makes it richest clan, not the best.
Income comes from facility, facility comes from people which make clan strong. :)

Really appreciate all of AK's help to our EFL.
You guys rock!
it just makes it richest clan, not the best.
then what standards do you think should be used to determine the best mc?
cheapest and best arts to rent , supportive clan mates , when clan gives u benefits not only you give them to clan , no tax , many things to do
I assume Hunter meant strongest which objectively is the one that manages the highest income,other than that everyone believes his/her MC is the best =)
Cheapest arts, big choice of rare and ordinary, enchanted and regular arts? Check. Even more than you can imagine.

Supportive clanmates? Check. Comunication from top to bottom and other way around on daily basis.

Benefits? Oh boy if you knew....amazing and without any competition. I doubt any clan come close to AK. I could be wrong though. So...check.

Many things to do? 2 months and 15 mil exp. I had to much to do for only 24 hours a day. So check!

Tax? If you give those 25 fights for clan per month no tax. Otherwise tax. Can't say check but i don't mind. 25 points can be done in 3-4 days if you want to.

So is AK a good clan? Defenitly! Best? To me yes. Others? Depends on what style of playing you have. Can be overwhelming. No slacking here that's for sure!
At least someone gave me answer to my question . Thanks .
btw im done 15 mil exp in 2 month as well without AK at level 15 , so check !(relative to previous post )
btw im done 15 mil exp in 2 month as well without AK at level 15 , so check !
so that was the only thing you could "check"?
No cheap arts, no big choise, no supportive clanmates, no communication, no benefits, none no slacking :p
i even wasnt going to check , i asked question, he gave me an answer , thats it !
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
as far as I know, anykey is well known as a "elite" clan for tournament winners only, why and when does it shifted into a civilian clan now?
AK is not a clan for tournament winners only, they just have the option of letting on tournament winners.
They are happily welcoming people who want to join (given obvious conditions like not being a roulette addict / level 3)

I will say, on the depo side.. AD depo is objectively more expensive than AK (and even EFL tbh).
How much capacity does AK depo has??
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