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Pirate Raids


AuthorPirate Raids
Lets hope a nice reward :P
Does anyone else have this issue when you click on Pirate Raids it takes you to the tavern? Happens on my multi weird
for Flying_Penguin:
It was like that before you entered your ship and played 1st battle.
Rewards are out
reward is nice i think, better for defensive builds, and spell power bonus is no.1
The best chaos ring introduced yet
Link please lol
38th place, not so bad :)

The ring is great and even not too expensive for repair.
The ring is great and even not too expensive for repair.

Yup, it's the top for chaos casters. The top clans are now chasing these rings.
I think a little bit OP if you compare with the other pirate ring, but nothing against. :)
Does anyone knows how is it possible to get 51 armor parts with one event ?
its the first time instead of selling the art in the market instantly i bought another ring to complete my pair , these rings are too good to sell , seems nice for clan defenses.
I got 75 dura ring. I can get 80 instead if not for 1 stupid lose because using wrong talent set. full sp build, with holy talent :(

hmm I hope I can sell it for at least 375k. thats wil make me having 500k, enough for another castle.
Wow nice event :)

Made a crisp profit :)
I got 80/80 ring but it feels sad high level rings are 6 times my ring price :(
Gg cupcake and prozyc. Gg to me 70/70 of the best chaos ring.
art's copies elements cheapest event ever :-)
how many armor parts did You get? - 21 + 18 parts 81/84 what was needed for more parts?
21+17 but i had many loses
congratulations to all who scored well!
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