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CG unbalance

AuthorCG unbalance
Make something with dwarves and their nerf. The battles are so boring. Or give option to play auto from start. Just waste of time without an possibility of win...
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Don't post if you don't know what you're talking about]
Do you mean 2x2 CG battles?
You're right, the majority of experienced higher CL players started to play dwarf in 2x2 combats, because last balance made them the best faction for these battles...
These are some statistics for dwarf players from last 2 months http://lgnd.ru/gt/rating/r/8/filter/1/dim/2
Sorry to say but it looks really disgusting to see so huge winning ratio compared to other factions. The only faction close to that is DD... Or we can look at the results of last Mixed tourney, it is ridiculous. :)
It can be boring to see at least 1 dwarf almost in every 2x2 battle.
for Cupcake:
it is not true, dwarves can deal with the most of situations in group battles. Only rarely there is a situation for them where it looks like lost since the beginning of battle... and usually it is only because enemy has better dwarf. Dwarves has good overall skills and are very versatile while other factions suffer against certain enemies.

I don't think that some huge balance should be done against dwarves, I think that it would be enough only to balance number of troops again.
I don't feel battles are unfair with dwarves in them, but then again, i'm a DD :P.

For Cupcake, Mirror of change doesn't work in cg.
Yeah I mean 2x2 battles. Only shadow barbs and DD can play balanced battles. The other factions are ruined unless the player is not noob and does not have bad total parameters from guilds (that means almost noone in CG).
The % ratio is disgusting and they would have even better if there won't count dwarf vs darf battles.
Yes, after the introduction of the new talent (piercing luck), I also felt that dwarves got an upper hand. The talent makes them take resistance, which makes dark and chaos less effective against them. The combination of high attack (+extra water damage from sword, extra fire damage from dagger, luck from the talents and amulet) with the ignore def talent makes them very versatile, and deadly. It feels like playing against someone with a enchanted sword in CG.
Dark barb is ridiculous too, I faced one with 3 cyclop stacks, enough to blind all my army for 2 full turns.
thats not true anymore, slust.

1 turn per blind, twice per stack, ie. 6 times 1 turn blind.
yeah you are right. I had no idea it was still this effective after the nerf. Still, it didn't seem to help him. A level 18 using so much effort to stop a caster bwiz army is what is more ridiculous :p

Frankly shadow barb seems good, but it has plenty of weakness besides being not fun even if you play in full might build. Fury on the other hand is satisfying. Check this game i played recently-
yeah 3 cyclops still blind like 30 temptresses for 2 turns. Crazy
for virtual_vitrea:

Other casters at least have the decency to deal crappy damage.
for virtual_vitrea:
shadow barb can be fun if you use a fast and aggressive build(thanks to those op cyclops), for example:
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=892987370 against alt wiz which is traditionally considered as hard for shadow barb
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=893012516 against alt elf which is considered hard too
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