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Modifications To Dark Elf Talent wheel

AuthorModifications To Dark Elf Talent wheel
I am not talking about empowering the faction, but definately, there should be a change. We go through so many mini-balances, changes in recruit count,etc There should also be a change in the talent wheel.
What kind of change? You want to take out basic offense to add basic nature magic?
Anyway, pick a local rule

3. Your idea/suggestion should accomplish a concrete goal and describe how it can be implemented. It should also answer the question, "Why is this necessary for the game?".

6. Do not start topics with suggestions to weaken/strengthen any specific unit, faction, or artifact.

We both know you're trying to get around LR 6 by just being vague.
Addition: Of course it's allowed to suggest talent wheel changes. But then you actually have to suggest something and describe why you think it's necessary.
closed by Magier (2018-03-29 18:18:11)
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