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Enchanted gargoyles magic resistance

AuthorEnchanted gargoyles magic resistance

Immune to lightning, so Lightning and Chain Lightning spells.
Immune to water, so Ice Cold and Ice Ring spells.
Immune to fire, so Fire Ball and Fire Wall spells.

That means the only elemental magic that can harm them is non lightning air (magic arrow) and earth magic (earth spikes and meteor shower).
Yet, whenever I try chaos against a wizard, my meteor shower seems to be as weak as fire water and lightning spells against them..
Link? It could be other troops were in the meteor shower so reduced damage.
Sorry, I cant find one. I remember it was a hover thing, when I hover meteorite shower over enchanted gargoyles, it would show around 100 damage, while the same spell would show 400 over other units. I hovered it over gargoyle alone so no multiple troop damage reduction.
Tooltip for spell is wrong in many situations. I think it considers meteor as fire magic, it will show almost no damage against say patriarchs or dwarf dragons.
indeed, do not trust the damage preview, which has never been moved on from beta.

Earth magic will do normal damage to gargoyle, unless they are protected by a spell (ie, antimagic) or a magic damage reduction unit (like lodestone golems).

Also depending on the battle, if you were facing multiple enemies, you may have not taken into account the lord's magic resistance (just a possibility)
For example meteor damage indicator for cyclop shamans shows 0 damage, but it is not truth :)
I have seen enchanted gargs being chain lighted in 'Clan Wars'
Well clan wars is completely different because of enchants which remove most of the magic shield on everything, even creatures with immunity.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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