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[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML5 v4


Author[UPDATE] Trial version of HTML5 v4
Work on development of HTML5 continues. Were now into the fourth test version of battles, still with limited functionality, and theres a set of defects in comparison with the Flash-version.
But albeit with restrictions, its already possible to play battles.
Battles in HTML5 are offered, if the Flash-player isn't found in the browser. Alternatively, you can enter &html5=1 at the end of the URL, for example: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=871526376&html5=1 (note that it doesnt work for warlog.php).

In comparison with the previous version, there are the following improvements:
Added display of animation of shots, both of creatures and Lords (except from UCIs)
Added animations of magic
Added animations of some creatures special abilities
Added animations for morale, positive luck and critical damage triggers
Added animations for runes
Display of storm, mines and traps
Display of bonuses on Survival Tournament
Display of animation of the number of killed creatures in the stack
Display of "gate" of demons
Display of full information on creatures
A number of bugs were fixed

Pay attention, this mode of battle is in development stage, still with some problems, unfinished work, and bugs. The final version is planned to be released not earlier than the end of this Spring.
Please, report any bugs and problems you encounter (use this topic), except the ones listed below.

We recommend Chrome browser.

Problems to be addressed:
Animations of some creatures special abilities arent working properly or at all
ATB scale scrolling isnt possible
Its not possible to transfer control in Clan battles
Process of battle loading (Loading objects) isn't displayed
Incorrect display of Lords animations in case of UCI
There are no sounds
There is no chat
Opening of doors in Survival Tournament isn't displayed
Shadows of creatures aren't optimized (shadows display is disabled for mobile devices to increase performance)
We are aware that some other features are either absent or not working properly.

We will publish updated versions of HTML5-battles, as we progress.
Awesome, thank you for keeping us updated )
Good jump, a big step! A lot of stuff introduced in this version.
Gj gj.
Thanks for the translation))

There is the issue of the end box being all in Russian and to check character stats when you click for info
Question: does the game still freeze and crash when incorporeal creature gets missed at?
i am waiting till they add talent wheel in HTML mode , then i can totally ditch the flash side......
Question: does the game still freeze and crash when incorporeal creature gets missed at?
Just fought a caravan of necros, nope, not fixed...
Thanks for translation :)
good job, I was able to play a battle on the phone.
They improved start of the battle, u can see some loading. But they recently changed something with animation of units and my units move extremely slowly
But I had instant animation speed in my settings. I changed it to normal and it looks OK. Then I changed to fast and very fast, it was OK too. Ten I changed to instant again and movement looks fine for this speed. It is a bit lagged for all speeds but nvm, maybe they will improve it. Maybe it could help me to clear browser data for my phone
Question: does the game still freeze and crash when incorporeal creature gets missed at?
It was just fixed. Thank you for report.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
t was just fixed. Thank you for report.
Whoah admin of the game himself fixed a bug that bugged me, AND QUOTED ME! I feel honored :)))
And combat finished page is now entirely in English))
It was just fixed. Thank you for report.

Good to know.
Thank you very much :)

Until now it was impossible for necros to play peacefully in HTML5 because of those crashes.
Rune use is in English now too))
The personal settings page (https://www.lordswm.com/pers_settings.php) now features a new setting, "Display HTML5/Flash elements" with the following choices:
- Automatic
- Always HTML5
- Always Flash

This setting affects both the map and the combat.
Pretty cool update, thanks Bel
Could you add a button that would switch the combat from flash to html during the flash battle? I preffer doing pve with html but pvp with flash cause chat. Its annoying to type html5 1 in the address bar every time
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