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Bad Story

AuthorBad Story
Warning - This is a really bad story and you might not get some of the lines. Read it at your own risk. This is simply worse than anything in the world. Here we go

There was a boy named David. He used to eat 2 tomatoes each morning and then 2 potatoes in afternoon. Everyone wondered what did he ate in the night. So a girl named Komal asked him what did you eat in the night ? He smiled and replied well that is a secret but I will tell you, I eat 1 potato and and 1 tomato in night. Then Komal was not a good girl and revealed his secret to everyone in the school. David was devastated by this, everyone in the school teased him for half tomato and half potato. David then decided to take revenge from Komal. He befriended one of Komal's best friends just to find out that Komal is scared of lemons. The next day in school he adivced mam to keep a cooking activity and mam felt enlightened by his idea and decided to try it once. Then when everyone was given something to make, David somehow cheated and got Komal to make lemon juice for everyone. David got a whole bunch of lemons and keeping them right next to Komal. Komal, holding her breath through this devastating fear of hers finally screamed and threw lemons at everyone in the classroom. It was when the lemons burst and the citric acid got into her own eyes she realized how wrong she had done with David. She immeditaely apologized to David by giving him 6 potatoes and 6 tomatoes. Komal and David became best friends after they killed each other the same day ! (In the underworld)
Happy Ending :)

In the next life they both were reborn as brother and sister and their parents did business of tomatoes and potatoes. But sadly there were also lemons. Komal cursed her parents for doing business of lemons as it has killed her in her previous life. David on other hand still continued his revenge but lemons were boring now. He decided to find something more creative and better than lemons. So one night he stole a car from the neighbourhood and it was right when Komal corrected his spelling mistake, David got angry and drove his car on Komal while she was sleeping on the road. But wait, why was Komal sleeping on the road ?? Because when Komal cursed her parents for selling lemons they threw her out of the house and she was a smart girl to sleep on the road and not on the footpaths because Sallu bhai is still out there.. And after that when David went back home he was also kicked by his parents not because he killed Komal but because he stole a car. And then he went and slept on the foothpath and hence he died. (SALLLU BHAI ROCKS)
HAPPY Ending 2 :)
Please read it, although its really bad xD
The only bad thing is the author's pretensions. The story is so fake and unbelievable. It's totally pulled by the hair, just nonsensical and illogical actions...

Dude, what the hell do you smoke???

Anyways... whatever that is, i want some of it too!
lol this is so strange and amusing.
Umm... karma is real lol
Although non-indians will never understand the joke
for ProZyk:
well, that is true for one aspect of the story that the author intends to convey, and it is likely that it is the bit he deems to be of real importance. But the entirety of the story is so weird to me and i liked the story for that instead, i have honestly not read something like this :)
Here is missing the ending:

An angry voice woke him up, it was Komal, his boss, she could fire him this time, because he felt at sleep at work again.
"You finished your work, is the application finally working?" was the finally question, he looked at her, at the head of her a big lemon, knowing, now he is out...

After at home he was thinking, he will open his dream restaurant with the best dish ever, potatoes with tomatoes...
and fresh lemon squeezed.
Everyone in my college hated my story after reading it but yeah everyone laughed a lot for nothing making sense.
If you not the story is a bit connected except for the line spelling mistake xD
Also if I forgot to mention, it's written by me xD
Could you please send me your dealer's Phone number? That stuff must be really good.
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