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How does Portal of Time parameters work

AuthorHow does Portal of Time parameters work
i can see that there is damage % and damage reduction %

does it increase the total damage done by that percent or just the attack parameter by that %??
Afaik it increases the damage dealed by attacker.
It can be further reduced by defender's damage reduction %.

It also affects damage from spells.

Sorry I am not able to provide formulas.
Thanks, that helps
do you think increasing it is better than adding more unicorns is helpful (currently i have 65 COT per 3 brilliant unicorns)
It increases all kinds of damage, damage from your unit, your hero, even spells from your units.
Damage of troops: increase your troop damage by x%.
theoretically, if your troop's attack is equal to enemy troop's defense, raising 5% of this is the same to adding 1 to your attack parameter.
in fact, as your fsp doesn't work, your troop's attack, on average, is lower than enemy troop's defense, thus, raising 5% of this is a little bit SUPERIOR to adding 1 to your attack parameter.
e.g. your troop's attack is 48 and enemy defense is 60.
originally you deal 1/(1+5%*(60-48)) = 62.5% damage.
with 5% of troop damage, you do 62.5% * 105% = 65.6% damage.
with 1 more attack parameter (49 attack), you do 1/(1+5%*(60-49))=64.5% damage.

Damage reduction: decrease the damage of your troops taken by x%
raising 5% of this does not equal adding 1 to defense parameter. more than that, you receive less damage from enemy spells as well.
in fact, as..... raising this by 5% is INFERIOR to adding 1 to your defense parameter. That's why it's cheaper.

Initiative of troops: increase the initiative of your troops by x%.
This is exactly the same if you temporarily raise you tg or rg by x.

Recruit count: increase the troop number by x%.
Notice this is rounded to the nearest integer. so if you have 7 of some creatures and boost it to 8%, you get 8 creatures (7.56->8). This is ideal when using high-tier troops. This boost applies to all troops you have recruited.
Yooo, al lot of thanks SwiftGirl :)
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