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Getting girl in...

AuthorGetting girl in...
So I'm thinking about getting my girl to play the game too, mostly for PoT stuff, but I vaguely remember reading something about it being illegal ?

Obviously we'd be using different computers, but the way residential internet works we'd be sharing an IP... as far as I know that's standard everywhere, you get a NAT router and that's that. Would this be a problem ?
No, just make it clear in both of your profiles.

Also try not to interact with each other to avoid problems.
What do you mean try not to interact ? The whole point is to do teamwork, such as Portal of Time teaming, 2x2 duels together etcetera. Without that what's even the point ?
You two can play battles today, interaction basically means financial assist.

For example, my girlfriend kiisukat plays, eve done battles together but I can't gift her a lot otherwise it'll be considered financial assist.
Play battles together*

Sorry on mobile with autocorrect
Ah, I have no intention of giving her freebies ; not that she needs it, she's competent.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up.
No worries, quite a few people play this game with their other half, so it's nothing new. :)

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