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Adventures guild questions

AuthorAdventures guild questions
Which set is better to do adventurers with? Suggest best ones for all types of characters (magic, offensive, defensive, holy, darkness chaos etc.)
Also, how many battles do you fight on average during a single campaign?
Depending on difficulty, but in general pirate set or temporal set is a strong set to go with. When difficulty is really high, may need a combo of heavy leader arts and pirate arts.

Magic set - surv set is probably your best bet.
So if full might such as barb or elf, go with temporal, for the iniative.
If darkness or holy caster, go for pirate, since items also give magic stats.
And if chaos, then survilurg set. Got it.
Can you also tell me if there are any guides telling us what type of battles do we face and how to get maximum score? I dont mind if its russian. Can I get maximum (or really close) without perfect win ratio?
Well with barb, I would take the barb set (faction specific sets will always be great).

Only thing I have close to a guide is this http://daily.heroeswm.ru/bu.php?i=2g3io3u7

If you search "campaign" in russian (can't do it here for filter reasons) then it should help.

On perfect score.. yes it's technically possible, it's like WG where better score = more troops left at end of battle. But battles have gotten so difficult (more people who complete a campaign, the harder it gets), it's just a dream.
On the hardest difficulty the battles are hard. Doable but with preplanning and a good character and of course a bit of luck.

How to approach it and what is best depends on the depth of your pockets, for most people it is a balance. Most efficient way is to decide a day you are going to do them, then use an elixir for it and luck potion, and any new years sweets if you have them. Every little helps.

I used pirate sets exclusively for the ones I have done thus far. With price I did not go top end theif arts all the way, the repair price of the lower pirates set is 4k less, so saved some pennies that way without losing too much in stats since the set bonus is a big part of it. Of course this is only worth it if you want to do any casting since pirate set gives you the magic set up. With dwarf however this then meant that a holy build was viable since could have the spell power and knowledge without reducing the attack and defence really.

100% scores are possible, the tricky thing is you want to win well or lose for this. Statistically you will end up with a better score losing every first battle, but then knowing what to do to win it so that the next time you nail it and win it well than if you managed to win every battle first time, but only just.
I honestly like Pirate Set a lot.
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