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Aand my first ambush of a real player!

AuthorAand my first ambush of a real player!

Pardon me if I'm very excited!

(sorry Mulder, whoever you may be.)
Haha i can appreciate this excitement of a new player (since you admit that you are making a fuss) :p

I wont say anything about battle this time, you did a good job :) Just i think if you want people to watch your fights you should share the link so it can be watched from the beginning. I doubt most people would copy the link and edit it or be willing to load the battle twice just to watch a random game from the start.
How do you do that ? It'd be useful for me too lol, currently I have to click twice myself x.x
Copy the link whilst the battle is playing :)
You can add &lt=-1 to the end of the link
&lt works also
First, I'm happy to see a new Romanian player joining the game! :)

Now about the battle itself: Your opponent's strategy was bad. He didn't had retail takers (usually you split bowmen or sword in stacks of 1). He also chose to attack both ghosts and vamps in the same time, unable to kill any and giving you the chance to raise.
The strategy against a raising necro is quite simple: You take the retail with a small stack of units, then rush with all units to kill a stack and step on it, thus preventing the necro ability to raise. Then you move on to kill the second stack, and so on. Also you usually use the hero to miss hit ghosts, so your high damage troops will actually inflict damage.
for SirM0rphius:
i dont think the opponent would have won regardless of tactics. He was just too weak or unequipped.
Nah he didn't stand a chance. For one thing, missing last level unit.
Good Job getting your TG so early with LG1 , i guess diamonds ??
i guess diamonds ??
If u saw the fight he had Infected Zombies. U should know the answer :P

Knight at low lvl is always weak and easy to get TG points against.
@100thfighter Yeah. I am really impressed with this game (not just on gameplay grounds, it's also technically very accomplished, very lightweight and stable as compared to pretty much any other browser game out there, 100x the size and much MUCH more fragile and crash/error prone) and I want to support the team behind it. Doesn't look like they're making much if at all, which is sad imo.
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