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Authorchat group
One of my mates has created discord group for lordswm

Nice initiative :)

kakan created this group a few months ago - https://discord.gg/TRT9mx It is fairly active with 52 members and you all are welcome to join as well. We also have some .ru English speaking players though :)
I know about it lel.
Thats the only result i got when i searched for 'discord' in the forums.
Tho the thing is that it's suppose to be/ seems like a clan chat.
What i was aiming for is more like a community server for everyone (ofc including parts for both clans EFL and A&D)
I'm making a more detailed forum post.
Grif just got ahead of himself :p
Tho the thing is that it's suppose to be/ seems like a clan chat.

It started as a clan chat, but now it has players from Any Key, GraveStone, Angels & Demons, EFL, Fairy Kingdom, Dragon Slaughter, Empires Wrath, etc.. Now it has become a community chat.
Note: this link has now been deactivated and will not work as an invite, refer to the forum post i did here for a working link - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2640207
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