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Questions on switching faction

AuthorQuestions on switching faction
Hello all and thanks for oprning the thread.
I wanted to ask to players more experienced than me what class should i start getting up with my current one. The most obvious answer is all, eventually, but i am yet level 7 so it will take quite sometime. With that said, i am currently playng as a barbarian but i get pretty bored to do only one class. With my art set would be too expensive to switch to a caster class at the moment and i really can't decide on wich faction i should swap.
What are you suggestion?
Thanks in advance
For a start have you tried playing as the other types of barbarian?
I have checked them out and i didn't enjoy them as much as the basic one. With that said, i don't really have enought castle upgrades to have different type of units (except for goblins)
It depends on what part is boring you, if you're tired of a faction that just hits and hopes for luck, you could probably try something like tribal which has a very different foundation.
I have checked them out and i didn't enjoy them as much as the basic one.

Shadow barb has a very different foundation to other barbs, but I guess at low level isn't so prominent.
Pretty much you got the reason i got bored. It is too straight forward and gets the grinding feel after a while. But there is not much adaptation to the fight. Just keep hitting like a truck and hope for a lucky hit. I'll read more suggestions but i'll keep the tribal factiob in mind
well personally i feel that the 3 best factions to play are elf DE and dwarf...
maybe you can try dwarf with runes it is a new style of gameplay...
or you can try DE though preferably after you hit lv8 and get shrews...
or elves which depend on luck and ini even more then barb...

i would recommend not going for slow factions cause i did and got bored of them really really fast and regret building those castles namely knight and necro...
i have not much info on the other factions seeing i never played them before but would also recommend you to build only 1 other castle for now so that you don't go broke direcctly and can sustain a decent economically healthy char
Very well, thank you all for the help you gave me. I will try dwarf first.

Good luck everyone
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