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About Diamonds And Donates Paysafe

AuthorAbout Diamonds And Donates Paysafe
My Topic will be sort :)!

If I Want To Buy Crossbowmens with 13 diamonds on 6 lv
how many euros i must pay for paysafe ??

How many euros is per 1 diamond?
and if i buy the paysafe what should i do next?

the euros on russian is different and i dont know the language well
and its the first that maybe i will donate.

thx you for your time:)
regards ___Nikos__
If you click on the paysafe option, you can input the number of diamonds and it will tell you how much it will cost. Mine says GBP because I'm in UK, not on the continent.


However, I would actually suggest just using a regular credit / debit card to purchase diamonds, it's much more straight forward.
thx you for your information and your time :)
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