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How to proceed?

AuthorHow to proceed?
I've just hit level 8. Any tips for future development of my character?
Many thanks.

So far, looks good but you are low on mercenary and watchers.

I would say, do the new campaign asap (mysterious epidemic), right now you can do it in shop arts, later on it will be hard and expensive. Focus on getting more fsp (watchers and at level 9 commanders) are best guilds for that, the other ones are mostly for easy stat points.
i think, you should raise faction level of all other faction to get resistance against them if you once start TG or join a military clan. I also didn't with another char, and had much difficulties being specialized on only 1 faction. At least i sent BOW request. Ok, you can use Sill potion for all factions, but on the long wy will become costly.
Useless at CL8. Your character, Hephaistion, would be stronger with one faction at fl 9 (you have enough fsp for it) rather than one maxed at 7. Then you would have an extra 4 attack, 2 defense, 2 ini, you trade that for 18% resist.
Its not about it being "Stronger", its about better begin building "Anti-Skill" soon slowly, than later on at CL 12 or so, and regret not doing before.
Take into account we are looking at the long-term character development (From what I understood he means)... I dont know.

Anyway, answering the OP (Original Poster), and Imho:
- TG 2 (Or even TG 5 if you feel like rushing to it)
- MG 2
- WG 1
- All Anti-FSL to 1 (I'd say)

And I think thats all, cant expect "A lot" from a CL 8, but good to begin soon in Guilds and stuff.

Don't need anything fancy to build anti, even at CL16. Besides a lot of events let you farm fsp for free even without a castle or fl. Whoever wants to play with another faction should do it but the importance of fl is usually over-stated.
Hephaistion, would be stronger with one faction at fl 9

my char is stronger, i am using potion on him. What i meant is, i had fsl 9 or 10 at 1 single faction(elf) at CL12 and 0 on the others, and when started TG or did defence battles had more problems than others. I abandonened him, and started this char completely different way and now i have more fun with him.
my char is stronger, i am using potion on him.

Being bound to use potion everytime you want to be competitive sounds like quite a drawback.

Potion will give you fl-1 which at your level equates to -4 stats and -2% ini, which is still arguably stronger than 18% resist.

Having fl 3 everywhere would be 9% resist for 720 fsp, or fl 2 for 400 fsp would sound a better deal than 18% resist for 4k fsp, then you don't hurt much your main but still get some resist. The only characters that ever felt overwhelmingly strong to me were those with higher fl, not those that spread their fsp everywhere.

Fun factor I understand.
Thank you very much for your answers.
I think to build faction resist thru POT. Regarding the rest:
Focus on WG1, TG2, MG2 for now.
Many thanks!

Your comments and suggestion are highly appreciated. I'll make a good use of them.

Best wishes,
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