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Mercenary quests log?

AuthorMercenary quests log?
Is there a link to see my personal "records" in MG like there is for hunt? I still find level 0 quests, if I knew which type, then I could go to the relevant guild to get them and level it up.
No there is no such link sadly :(
Maybe you should put this in Ideas And Suggestions
Hi Slust,

I hope that will help you:

The Lord will have the choice to either accept or decline the task.
Offices of the Mercenaries’ Guild can be found in the East River, Fairy Trees, Fishing Village & Peaceful Camp regions of the Empire. Each MG office specializes in certain quest types. For each given office, the chance of getting a specialty-matching task is 24%, while the chance of getting a non-matching task is 7%.

• The East River office specializes in Armies, Monsters & Vanguards quests.
• The Fairy Trees office specializes in Brigands, Conspirators & Vanguards quests.
• The Fishing Village office specializes in Armies, Monsters & Vanguards quests.
• The Peaceful Camp office specializes in Armies, Invaders & Raids quests.

Credit to Artic

I see, thanks to both of you!
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