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[Update] Accelerated repairs and enchantment installation

Author[Update] Accelerated repairs and enchantment installation
There has been a new post from Empire in the GGF of .RU:

In case of an emergency, it is now possible to immediately repair or install enchantments for a small number of diamonds.
The post may be found here: http://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=2643974

Esentially, a smith can now pay diamonds to finish a repair of enchantment immediately. They will receive the full amount of SG points for the repair. The rough cost appears to be 1 diamond to speed up 4 hours (16,000) worth of repairs. 1 diamond to speed up 10 hours worth of enchantment.
I guess if you want an art to be fixed quickly by a smith you have to transfer them the 15k so they can buy a diamond with gold (per 4 hours).
seems like a nice way to make money if you are a smith and have some free diamonds :)
1 diamond for 4 hours doesn't seem that worth it ....
if it were more might have been more relevant...
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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