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Mercenaries- No reward

AuthorMercenaries- No reward
I just completed a Mercenaries Guild Quest to kill a Lodestone Golem. Upon finishing, I arrived back at the MG and I didn't receive any confirmation of completion. I just had a message saying that I must wait 30 mins before a new quest. Is this a glitch? Or does the MG sometimes not give a reward/ confirmation of completion?
You probably accidentally just double clicked. The wait is never 30mins..
It always give a reward from my experience but if you accidentaly click twice on the mercenary guild link it will not load up the 1st time where it tells about reward and instead tell you to wait. It can also happen if you click on the MG link while traveling, then you get rewarded during the travel.
Oh 30min can be with 0 rep, and no ABC but your rep must be more than 0 if you won..
Maybe You have finished quest after 10 hours from starting it. Then even if You win combat a quest is failed.
None of the above apply. I clicked it once, as I always do, my rep is 7, I completed the quest in about ten minutes and I have never had this problem before. Any more advice?
Any more advice?

Well, you can always go through 10 pages of combat log to count successful MG quests.

You have 57 MG points.

Unless you recall experiences in which you didn't return for a reward in time, then either those numbers are equal or you have not been rewarded this time and you have one MG point less than successful MG combats.
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