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Prefix team CG

AuthorPrefix team CG
Whenever we are in prefix teams we always land in mixed battles...

To overcome this why not make a certain option in CG where prefixed teams can fight?

It will be quite good and interesting and will be surely enjoyed by people , atleast i think so X_X
I doubt it hasn't been suggested before. Still, you are right.

It's one of the main reasons why people stay away from CG: They want to play with their friends, but they aren't allowed to (I mean, they are pushed into a team of 3).

I'm kind of gonna make it up, but I suppose the main reasons might be:
- Premade teams would have huge advantage, in terms of communicatio (?)
(Some may even use Skype, etc).
- Hard to find 2 other people of the same levels maybe at some hours (I doubt it though).

Btw this shouldn't be in InS? :P
Btw this shouldn't be in InS? :P

I request a mod to shift this ^^
By mistake I put this in Off game .
Yes, the changes in paired cg system seem appalling. I personally stay away from using a preset teammate in CG because you are forced into mixed format battles with uneven levels and sometimes number of players. This may not be such a bad thing, but the matchmaking is unreliable. At least in 30-40% of the games, the distribution is unfair and one side starts with unearned advantage.
Simple prefix vs prefix or no battle at all
Topic moved from "Off-game forum" to "Ideas and suggestions".
Simple prefix vs prefix or no battle at all

Yeah that's what my idea is and they can maybe do it a but like that like they can put 13,15 vs 14,14
If its implemented it will be really fun ^^
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