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Cash out from account to real world?

AuthorCash out from account to real world?
The maximum number of players active four or five years back was 10K+ but now is around 5K, maybe if we can cash out from the game we can attract more players?
You mean cash out like rare artefacts to real money? xD
for pumpainais:
Why not XD
+1 would be very awesome but i dont see anyway this type thing would be added to the game :D
me neither lol
Lol what nonsense is this?
so the game pays out to the people directly to keep them playing? As a matter of fact, the game is already spending money to keep its players as it brings out updates, and new features or even maintain the site. These expenses are then likely reimbursed by voluntary donations from the players who enjoyed these events. Common sense says that the net gain for the game developers over a period of time has to be higher than what is being invested to maintain the game continually. If the opposite happens then the game is not going to last. Basically the motivation of any business is profit, and to avoid loss in case of non-profit at the very least. So what if you paid the players directly? would you be able to expect them to pay back a greater amount? Not without the game also having to spend on cool updates/events. Think about why anyone would endure loss from their pocket in a business and that might answer why your suggestion is ridiculous.
What a great idea, people can stake real cash on the roulette wheel, the game seconds as a betting site and the admins get a lot more money ;)
for virtual_vitrea:
I think you are generalizing it a bit much. I think the OP is trolling :P It's obviously ridiculous for lwm, however, it is realistic for much larger games which have a competitive environment. Even smaller games can have that if it's players' money being pooled and then returned to certain players. Larger games can avoid that and give some players money out of the game's budget if the game is large enough to make an immense income from stuff like advertisements.
for randomr1:
that was not meant for OP but for #3. Also, in any text based communication, i feel it is sort of pointless to assume the intention of the author. Plus i do not believe that this is a place to troll so when people make a post, i would prefer to respond seriously.
Maybe LWM should make their own merchandise :p
Sadly player base dont allow that.
Not to mention the fact it is a copy of homm series haha
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