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What are these numbers?

AuthorWhat are these numbers?
On a clan info page, in the "Subdistricts under control" section, I see these percentage numbers (e.g. 100%, 87%, etc). What do they indicate?
Facilities are attacked daily, when the clan lose a defense battle then the facility is damaged depending on how big the loss is. When it's at 0% the clan lose control of the facility.
What does losing control of a facility mean? Does that mean ownership of the facility is passed to another clan?
I think it becomes a target for all the clans to contest it.
Not sure though.
What does losing control of a facility mean?

When a clan has control of a facility, they will collect some gold every day from that facility. If a clan loses control they will no longer collect gold from that facility.

As Slust says, at 0% the clan loses control and clans are able to contest for it, basically the clan who wins the most of a type of fight will be able to take control.
Interesting. Has this ever happened?
It happens every day.

Oh wow! Thanks.
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