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Cant ask for "Buff X Unit/Talent/Faction" in InS

AuthorCant ask for "Buff X Unit/Talent/Faction" in InS
So we can suggest Ideas related to the "Balancing" between Factions?
I dont see the point.

... So reading the "Local Rules" of I&S Forum, you come to the Conclusion that you can just "Suggest" Stuff related to helpful "Tools" you think of, or whatever.
You come to the conclusion you cant have an "Impact" in the "Balancing" at all.

Note Im just asking for the "Why".
I accept answers such as "Because they simply forbid you to" if thats just how it is ... xD

I might just "Disguise" my "Buff X" Suggestion as "Make X Build Playable/A thing", in terms of "Variety", Tbh.
Maybe this way it could "Bypass" the "Censorship".

Ah, almost forgot.
IIRC I read somewhere they make a Thread about "Balancing", every now and then? Maybe in Russian Forum.
Or I just made it up?
So we can suggest Ideas related to the "Balancing" between Factions?
Meant "CANT", not "Can"... :P The opposite.
Because they simply forbid you to

I imagine it's because

A) Admins are already working on balancing and with far more information than you have (stats etc) whereas your suggestion is likely to be more bias.

B) unintended consequences of your ideas on other factions. You may want a better talent tree for classic necro.. but it may make things unfair for others.

C) If you suggest something, and it goes badly, don't want to put the blame on you :P
It's not a balance thread, there's a whole section in .ru forum, but it can only be seen if you have CG2 or higher, kind of like our thief section.

Buff X makes little sense because if you read the forum then you will find that there are complaints about pretty much any faction. The feeling that something is OPed commonly comes from either lack of understanding of the weakness of a faction or simply because it is the counter to the build used by the player. That would be my take on it.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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