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Mysterious epidemic

AuthorMysterious epidemic
Can anyone tell me the way to defeat the leader demon & hell gate?
I tried many times, I lost the match.
I complete 95% of the campaign battle.
Can you share your last combat?
my last combat

IMO, your defense is too low. I guess you are using Thief set for the campaigns. Its good for initiative, but leaves you vulnerable.
And in a battle like this, you need to last as the stack sizes are considerable and the hell gate will keep spewing more troops.
Standard shop arts should suffice, of needed take SoC and RoCs to buff your stat further.
You could find a temporal set or something from Russian forums.
Thief set is crummy. Just with the rings of cold you would get +12 or so stats with only a bit less ini.

Going with shop arts should be fine.
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