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Lower percentage for volume setting

AuthorLower percentage for volume setting
even at 5% for game setting and ~30% computer setting, it's still too noisy. please.

You can change the volume here.
I actually set the '5%' there, but what I found is that the setting there not to applied to in-game (There's another setting button in-game). I think it was Thieving.
I have it set to 10%, have unchecked also

"Your turn" sound in combat
Sound effects in combat
Stereo sounds

because those where more noisy and I don't hear anything.
Have you unchecked those too?
In game thing of sounds has nothing to do with main settings if you have closed sounds from personal settings.
Yes, +1, they should somehow modify the whole issue.

Ever since at CL 8 or so, both Sprites and Shrews shout a scream at a very high volume (Even when Volume isnt high on Laptop), I have turned off Sound.

And if 95%~ of players have Sound turned off, then there is something overall wrong with it, IMHO.

I checked it because that's the point turning the sound on for me. It's just at time even at lowest degree of setting it still so loud.
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