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Problems with dark elf

AuthorProblems with dark elf
I really don't win so much pvp with dark elf... Any tips?
Your faction resistance is quite poor and you should have thief guild too
Sadly i dont have money to buy a thief invitation, and i'm waiting to get to 11 lvl, i think that the i could do something. But its a long way to that lvl... Any tips for now?
Stay away from roulette, enroll more.build MG and WG in the meantime. Enroll more, do event especially POT style where you can build other FSL without castle. Enroll more, more and more. This game called lords of war and money. Without money you are hard to build character that can do well in war.

And why is noone playing tamer dark elf?
Fsl -> Faction skill level - in your case: You have FSL 8 for DE (dark elf) and FSL 1 for wizard.

Pot -> Portal of Time - type of event, where you don't play with your creatures, but use crystals for recruiting creatures. You can play this event with any faction even if you don't own a castle. It's good to get FSL of factions you don't play normaly.

Tamer DE is more defensive. It's better is some cases. It was a LOT better than normal DE in last blindfold tournament that ended yesterday for example.
for god_mom:
Your fsp per xp for your lvl is bad. I have more fps even tough im lvl10 1mil xp.away from lvl11.
I would say try diffirent.tactics and setups. Dont stay with one tictac.
Rather than taking advanced offense you can take basic offense + battle fury or take basic fortune + advanced fortune
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