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Fury barb battle

AuthorFury barb battle
How to win this?

archer build fury sucks in ambush, use boar build instead.
bf+defense+luck, stats go balanced atk&def. this build is why barb called one of the best faction for ambushing.
That was actually my first try:

The orcs on range of birds was bad but I don't think it would have changed the result.
for Slust:
you have no defense(talent and stats), which is very important for boar build.
and dont wait with fury, tribal spirit is quite useful(although not that crucial than tribal).
If I did not wait 1st boar turn the demoniacs kill me in 1st move. Anyway, day is over and I can't try again, but thanks for the tips.
closed by Slust (2018-08-14 10:07:54)
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