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buff indicator on 'Your Character` Page

Authorbuff indicator on 'Your Character` Page
say for rent buff: rental location and end time
potion buff: end time
armament relevant to the faction?

Need a single page where we can presume that we have particular buff (based on faction and location)
We do have those info, just not in one page.

say for rent buff: rental location and end time

Open your transfer log and you will see:

18-08-14 04:35Rent paid: 100 gold (100/d) for room #2 until 04:34 08-15, Estatessea-rcher #955

potion buff: end time

They show at you page,
potion of skill you can see date of expire from potion page at artifacts shop.

armament relevant to the faction?

Go to your castle and you'll see all your armas active or not with dates of expire for active ones.
potion of skill

I meant Abu-Bakir's Charm, rest of potions show at your page.
#2 I know that :/
Sorry, I thought from a previous post from you that you didn't know. My mistake.

Anyway, I don't think that is necessary and at #2 post is the why.


I don't want a messy character page.

+1 if this is visible to self only and with an option to toggle off.
Never felt like a 'need' for myself to check, neither do believe that it will actually help considerably.
We do have those info, just not in one page.
This is one of the many problems of the game, "Clarity".
You often have to walk in circles 20 times to find something you want to find.

This goes for the lack of Info in "About the Game" section (Outdated, not precise, and overall "Lacking).
... For the imposibility to find Tournament battles (Because it doesnt say the Date, and you gotta go to Official announcement and search in Dozens of Pages).
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