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Faction ideas

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Make a new mage knight class? Unlocks chaos magic or maybe better focused on nature magic?

Make some kind of range dark elf class that has rouge shooters, or maybe spear throwing lizards?
-1 lmfao
Lol funny and nice idea, but not gonna happen.
1) Most of the playable stuff comes from homm 5, and nothing like that exists there.
2) Still alt dwarf and tribal left, admins taking ages for those two.
3) Different factions specialize at different things, would be just weird to make knights chaos mages or demons holy casters lol. Still, asking for holy necro would be cool xD
^ Totally agree with previous post.

Also, if you want to "Make up" a new Faction, please "Elaborate" further, Imho.
Explain the Units, Racial Skill, etc.
The way you suggest it its a little bit "Abstract".
Most of the playable stuff comes from homm 5, and nothing like that exists there.

We already have the black shrews which are practically shooters with both no melee and no range penalty :p
Well, beacuse I'm only skilled with DE, I would sugest that the focus on stronger minotaurs (maybe hits like cerberi (3 titles upfront)) that are better than current 2 classes, and bandits get to cast dark magic, and like this red DE, non-impended on sherwes.Stronger hydras and witches cast poison with really nice damage.
you want to say, since you are DE, admins should make it stronger so that you can win more fights easily?

Well, tell me, is this red DE okay to you?
Its not bad, it has many good things, but how about a new DE faction where bandits can cast curse and disruption ray, rouges are not so op, minotaurs are the "main" damage out-put, spear-piercing or pack-attack lizards, poison witches and dont have ideas for hydra and dragon...
Maybe a hydra that can attack 4 titles infront of himself, and a vamiric dragon (just some ideas to think about it)
the idea sounds immature.

You know you aren't really suggesting a new faction, its more like an alt class for dark elf with improved and somewhat silly capabilities :p
bandits can cast curse and disruption ray
Poisoners/Stalkers can already cast poison. Witches already do that(delay/chastise/disrupt).

rouges are not so op
think again. 8 speed at CL 8/6 with no retaliation

minotaurs are the "main" damage out-put
When you get Liz assailants, your opinion will change.

spear-piercing or pack-attack lizards
Spear-piercing? Whats that?
Pack-Attack -> Do you think anyone would split their lizards to use the pack attack when they already have Assault?

poison witches
Stalkers/Poisoners cast poison.

hydra that can attack 4 titles infront of himself
Foul Hydras do that when attacked.

vamiric dragon
Vampire ability along with dragon breath? Too OP. If vampire ability would get traded against dragon breath, dragons would become too weak for a tier 7 creature.

Overall you are just either proposing useless abilities or are just switching abilities from 1 creature to another. Its like you don't know about a faction properly and just want to change it according to your needs.
-You don't have liz assailants, so you don't know they already have an ability like pack attack.
-You don't have foul hydras, so you don't know they already do attack 4 tiles in front of them.
This thread has basically turned into making DE stronger.

6. Do not start topics with suggestions to weaken/strengthen any specific unit, faction, or artifact.
closed by Meshy (2018-08-19 12:04:03)
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