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[2018.08.19] Day of Clan Bonuses

Author[2018.08.19] Day of Clan Bonuses
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Clan Bonuses! Only today:

  • Each military clan has the full bonuses (+1 attack, +1 defence, + 1 initiatve) activated.
  • Clan members may rent artifacts from their clan's depository anywhere on the map.
  • Meh very minor bonus. If they wanted to repeat there were many better ones to repeat imo.
    Meh very minor bonus.

    Yet... Since its something we have now on a Daily Basis, and something we did NOT have before, I wont complain for any single day that has a "Minor" Bonus, Tbh.
    Probably good for clans who don't have all bonuses activated
    Would be somewhat more useful if all clans gave bonuses instead of military clans. It is called Day of clan bonuses after all.
    As it is now, both benefits are only for MC members so its more like Day of military clan bonuses.
    Imagine a Day of the Clan Mercenaries.

    Players can join defense battles of other clans (but they have to be accepted by a member of that clan when they join) and if they win they get extra mercenanry points.
    I like it.

    The mercenary errands in this game are otherwise lame :p
    Be graceful for any free bonus, btw we don't have all three on everyday.
    closed by Corey (2018-08-20 12:49:12)
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