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Build for DE. Defence or initavite?

AuthorBuild for DE. Defence or initavite?
There are many items I can buy to participate in turnaments and CB, but as battle DE, should I focus on defence and initavite or hard initavite? Also aplyes for attack
You need attack primarily. Shrews will die quickly but they can also kill a lot before dying, you need attack for it.

Secondarily you need defense. You can't outright kill ennemy shooters, after shrews are down you'll need it to survive and block them.

Not much interest for ini, shrews will go first no matter what and only morale will allow them to move twice before getting shot.
It depends on the kinds of tournaments. For survival tournament for example, your main priorities are attack and ini.
Another question:


I had this battle and wizard ahoots 1001 damage with lightning and 13 sp. How?

They do extra damage with spells in hunts
Ty for the information
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