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Tips on settlement defence for Necro / UN

AuthorTips on settlement defence for Necro / UN
Currently I have ~1900 pops

Highest I got possibly ~2400pops end up with this fight (lose):

afterward, I end with ~2100pops end up with this fight (lose):
maybe I should aimed shooter in this one? but that much wolf rider is too scary.

previously, got 7 winning strike, I thought this build is fine enough; expert nature + dom of life and these items:

did I miss anything?
Use maskrobe. Try to get more attack. Don't have more than 6 KN, maybe even less. Does all your def comes from armor or did you dump a few points on it?
And defending with ghosts isn't very helpful, they die if it hits, or live if it miss. Use single ghost instead to cover from wolf. AI will likely come to you to kill single ghost and then you attack. Better yet, instead of defending with ghost move forward, in range of wolf, but far enough to block wolf with single ghosts. Vamp stays behind as backup.
I'm playing with darkness necro, now at 36/36 wins. Confusion is useful.
Certainly useful albeit inconvenient to use at level 8.
all my def come from armor + guild
about KN, sometimes is necessary to have that much. well, I'm trying with 6KN now, would be useless to try same thing and expect different result.

to be honest I'm not sure how the AI determine when to attack, sometime I try to bait with 1 ghost, but they refused to move (wait/def) that's why I just bait with my full stack ghost, which I plan to raise all the time anyway and expect the `ghost dice` turn to my favor long enough.

like #5 say, the spells too limited for lower level CL, even the nature magic talent only useful because UN faction skill.
if not I usually go full might.
My score improved :)

got 11/12; compared to 9/12 from last time. I wonder why +2 attack really make much difference? even for the latest game I suppose my mistake is aiming for the shooter, instead of lock down on fiends, the leap is pretty op :o
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