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Illogical Monstser quest of MG

AuthorIllogical Monstser quest of MG
Check the battles:

Berserkers Monster quest:

Defense become 0 by using its ability. But, Taking damage as full defense(defense 80+). At the same time the monster can deal damage with increased attack parameter!!

Senseless Monster quests !!!
Moreover some special ability of lords creature not work in Monster quest too!!!
(Aimed shot, Lizard charge and so on)

As long as no limit for monster to grow, No point of all these changes!!

Monster quest became a Joke only now a days !!

uh, that's how the creature works without the 'monster' title too. it's 'madness` ability:
Haha this guy is so funny.

Dude, monster in MG have abiliy that make their def can't be reduced or ignored.
Monster quest became a Joke only now a days !!

monster quests used to be too easy for some factions. Thanks to full metal and magic resist, all factions are on more equal grounds.
Haha this guy is so funny.


He reminds me a guy who played for a month or so and left
uh, that's how the creature works without the 'monster' title too.
He wasn't talking about that, he was saying how its attack increases but def doesn't reduce.

I had been missing these xD

Well yeah seems like an unintentional buff to bers monsters. But isn't it better that way? Most mgs are so easy that they are totally boring anyway.

welp that's weird, I actually based my comment on the battle link and it shown the def is reduced to 0. I thought the reactive armor would prevent the reduction debuff?
It wasn't any debuff by the hero. The creature used its Madness ability, which is supposed to transfer all of its defense to its attack. Even though it showed a defense of 0, clearly its defense wasn't affected, as seen by the amount of damage crossbowmen did to it. It seems like a bug to me. The complaint by TheKnightsss is legitimate.
^ You mean its a bug the fact that Defence is still the same after Madness because of their Armor skill of Monster...
Or the fact that it shows "0" Def, while it really is 83?

I mean, visual Bug, or gameplay bug?
instead of complaining about it and MG being "a joke", just post it in the combat problems part of the forums so that the admins can fix this mistake...
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Combat problems".
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