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What does this number mean?

AuthorWhat does this number mean?
&nbsp;&nbsp;2018-08-26 15:46: <a href="pl_info.php?id=1298898"><b>Ektoras</b></a> rented 'Bow of light' [34/78] for 1 combats until 2018.08.26 17:46. Cost: 230.<!--333165691--><BR>

I found it in the page source of transfer log of clan depository. Is it the transaction ID or something else?
Could be the unique ID? Can you give link to the art?
It was unenchanted bow of light, so it wouldn't have a crc id.
crc id
I mean UID.
wait. apparently every art, whether enchanted or non-enchanted, rare or common, has a unique ID and it is the UID.

You were correct. I checked from and enchanted art:-
&nbsp;&nbsp;2018-08-26 12:07: <a href="pl_info.php?id=7201212"><b>ProZyk</b></a> returned 'Blade of rebirth [I12E12A12W12F12]' [15/89]. Unused combats: 1. Gold refunded: 575. Depository profit: 0 gold.<!--330011239--><BR>


But I tried to check this sword by removing the crc value and keeping only uid, I got only what the art would should without uid. (No current durability, only the actual max durability). So, what is the use of this uid alone if what matters is the combination of uid and crc?
Oh, so I found out a way of using uid alone :-
It can be used for keeping track of your art when you lease it to clan depository.

Thanks Meshy :)
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