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Top 3 factions for dueling

AuthorTop 3 factions for dueling
I would say holy knight, elf and charmer elf
For 1v1

Normal wizard
Holy knight
Shadow barb
Holy knight beats shadow barb?

I don't think so.
Differs from CL to CL,

For lvl 15, according to last MT++ results,

1) Dwarf
2) Tamer DEs
3) Barbs - However many barbs won gold medal, but top2 were fury barbs and not shadow barbs.
HK has to be one of the worst PvP faction.

Tell her
I used HK lot of times, what I found is they suck at Mixed, while do awesome on duels.
Similarly my main UN, super at mixed, lil bit weak at duels.
for ProZyk:
nowadays (at high level) HK can beat anything if you know who is your enemy, but sadly you do not know.
I dont understand how shadow barb can be good at 1v1. Fury barbarian is good and why didn't you mention elf?
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I have lost with HK - the problem is that everyone shoots before the wardens, and before the wardens can be buffed. It is also easy to de-buff. The stats also suggest that Knight loses at almost every level.
I dont understand how shadow barb can be good at 1v1.

Well at low level it's hard for SB but they are annoying at CL13 and higher
for Greyfalcon:
holy has no problem vs darkness nowadays after the mechanism of delay&rapid changed, the only problem is there are no build for them to win both might and magic.
My Faction is the best for Dueling , said noone
My Faction is the best for Dueling
My Faction is the best for Dueling , said one
According to that the best seems to be shadow barb (4 greens, one yellow) and HK has 4 yellows, no greens followed by dwarves with 3 yellows, no greens quite surprisingly.
for Greyfalcon:
This is the result of ALL CG battles ever, mixing all CL.
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