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[2018.09.01] Day of the Tracker

Author[2018.09.01] Day of the Tracker
Astrologers proclaim the Day of the Tracker! Only today:

  • You can discover twice as many hunt targets as usual.
  • Hunted creatures guard +10% more gold than usual.
  • Hunted creatures might guard diamonds.
  • Wow...
    When you have the possibility of choosing one of 4 Hunts ...
    ... But you realize NONE of them are doable in Min AP because numbers too high ... xD
    Then you just press skip and wait for the next batch
    OR, switch to elf :P
    I am an elf and I am on the same boat as Ipsen... With almost every unit :/
    83 leprechauns for 0.1 diamonds thats pretty worth it :)
    closed by Corey (2018-09-02 02:00:38)
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