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illegal transfers

Authorillegal transfers
I have done many illegal transfers

Are you confessing and want to know how to clean your transfer log, or are you quitting the game?
I have been playing from 2010

My Multi's are

Please check the transfer logs
Is that possible to clean the transfer log?, my transfer log is pretty big and lot of illegal stuff
After a quick look.. it'll probably be easier for everyone to just start a new account and follow the rules..
so the account will be blocked?
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for youare:
I suggest you that you block your chars and start clear

Your guilds and goldies are also low for your level so you will have to focus more on those to be competitve
Can i keep the main account "Youare" and block others?.. This account was created long back and leveling up as demon is little hard. And i mostly only do PVP....and also there are some achievements
Is that possible to clean the transfer log?

Any money received illegally has to be sent to character Empire (with proper descrption in log), this is how you clean transfer log. If you don't then all your accounts will likely end up blocked someday.
Your main account is involved in a lot of illegal transfers I'm guessing.. would take a long time to clean it and cost a lot of gold
you could try to calculate the amount you cheat, and consider it as 'amount owed' to Empire. and pay accordingly as you could, by weekly / monthly basis.

record and note the balance on transfer descrition to the Empire.

this assuming the admin pardon you of course :)
Ok i can do that... so how do i know that i get the pardon or not?
If you don't get the pardon, admins will block you. :)
talk about turning yourself in
how about i get jailed instead of block?

I have lost a lot of gold in roulette technically that goes to the empire right? does it count as a payback?
It doesn't count as payback.

On the jail subject, you could, but given the extent of the illegal transfers, it'll probably be between an infinitely long jail sentence and a block.
how is it done? Do you do the blocking @Meshy
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