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Help Me With My Character.

AuthorHelp Me With My Character.
Hello I Just Want Someone To Help Me With My Character.
Im Knight 9lv With Guardians Cause I Donate And I Want To Be More Strong In PvP
Especially In 1v1.
Can You Guys Give Me Some Tips?? Like What Talents i Should Put What Weapons I should Buy With What Character I Should go in 1v1 Holy Knight Or Knight.
Thx you.
Your character is quite weak in terms of stats, I would focus on enrolling more, getting TGI and starting to do your daily watcher guild quests.
I had a very good CG run on lvl 9 with knights.. I used HK mostly
Can see my build ( only giving opponents with DU links, since I had DU aswell )


Only problems which I had was against elves ( never won against DU 'classic' elf )
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