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[2018.09.05] Day of the Builder

Author[2018.09.05] Day of the Builder
Astrologers proclaim the Day of the Builder! Only today:

  • All castle buildings cost 10% less to construct.
  • Guys can someone help me build the necro castle to full with this 10%cost cut ?
    i need to make skel drags and thats it i level up in 3 days max and your gold will be returned :D

    pm if youre willing )
    Ah, deep sadness in my heart... xD

    A couple of days ago, I made some Demon Castle Constructions.
    ... But since there isnt such thing as a Calendary for Bonus Days... :C We cant know.

    Still, I suppose its to keep the "Surprise effect"!
    Only 10% off? Cheapskate! Should be at least 20%. Haha.
    A couple of days ago, I made some Demon Castle Constructions.

    10% is so minimal especially if you made "some" constructions. Did you know that about 8 years ago we had 50% off on demon castle? That's when i made hellhorses, cerberies and incendiaries (was level 10 only).
    Actually it was 15%, i just checked.
    Don't have enough gold saved since the last time this happened to build much. :(
    At least they round resources favorably, so it can actually be more than 10%. For example, 2 ores become 1, and 1 ore become 0.
    5# Well meh, you might be right there.
    I barely spent 100K, which means +10K if I did it today. Maybe not that important.
    check my record. I spent 2m.
    thank you grif and barbmaster for helping a brother out NECRO done :D
    Good day for building ;)
    Saved some diamonds by building elf castle from it.
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