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How much AP to wear to efficiently win TG mission?

AuthorHow much AP to wear to efficiently win TG mission?
I found the chance to ambush a real player for TG mission. Instead, you come across alot of robot Caravans and some of them are just not possbile to be defeated.

So what I do is to put on a lot of AP to have high stats to make sure I could win the TG ambush. The thing is it is to expensive.

Do you guys have any idea about how much AP is the most effective build to win most of the battle?

By the way, do you have any idea to win dark elf with lots of shrews? Thanks
UN is doing well for tg with min AP, you can never beat caravan at certain point anyway, even with full AP.

The key to win a lot after losing is to gain Skill Point as much as possible on losing combat, I believe UN does this best because losing troops is not as critical as other faction, even when compared to normal necro, where you had 'raised to be killed next' problems.

btw, for the build:

faction: UN
min AP: sword of stiffness/sword of courage + defender shield.
talent: Dominion of Undeath + luck
KN: 5/6, the rest to attack
playstyle: jump into center with everything, preferable to raise polt first, just normal attack if other troop die first, until 9/18/24 mana for dreadlords / death herald. use bee *once* on important move, u still gonna end up with enough 5/6 raise
for PapaBone:

Thank you for detailed recommendation. Benefit a lot from it.
Thing about TG is, you cannot avoid losing in it. Every time you win, difficulty for next increases, and every time you lose, difficulty for next decreases. The more enemies you kill (more fps you get) when you lose, the more difficulty drops for the next ones.

If you start wearing AP, you will get a winstreak but then you will raise your difficulty so much it will take a lot of losses to take it down if you want to win with min ap again.

The only benefits of wearing better arts, is that you get more fps and a slightly better win rate overall, but considering how much it costs its not worth it. I suggest thieving with a cheaper loadout, iniative is important.

As for might dark elf caravans, you just have to accept that meeting them will most often result in a loss, its a cheater caravan to be honest. Good luck.
for Aurelija:

Thank you for recommendation :)
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